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  • Our dealership has been in business since 1936, and one reason we have been able to stay in business for so long is because of successful partnerships. Our relationship with Clint Priddy and AutoVinture is a great one, and both of our sides work together easily and are able to achieve success. Few things in our sales department are more important than merchandizing our  vehicles, and doing it right. This means having it done consistently and in a timely manner. Many dealerships try to short change this step and have sales consultants or other staff members do it to save a few dollars, but we know to get a professional merchandizing effort we need a professional that is focused on nothing but presenting our inventory. We need all of our vehicles listed correctly, in a timely manner, and with good, quality pictures. We more than make up for the difference in cost in sales. Clint is reliable like a clock, and is always eager to brainstorm ideas on what we can do better together. When something needs attention, he always responds promptly and gets things resolved. I look forward to continuing to grow our business for years to come with Clint and AutoVinture as a partner.
    Bird-Kultgen Ford

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We could tell you a million wonderful things about us; but at the end of the day, it's our work that matters most.

Pull up our photographs next to yours and see why it Autovinture is better.

Below are links to some of the "mini-sites" we provide our dealerships to have more exposure for their vehicles and build more links to their main websites.

Bird-Kultgen Ford

Hoffpauir, Inc

Lee Hoffpauir Chevrolet Buick

Lee Hoffpauir, Inc

Jeff Hunter Toyota

Marshaller Motors

Waco Hyundai

Some would say we should list some of our customers online because competitors would target them.  However, we ensure that our dealerships are 100% satisifed with our service so they would not want to switch, regardless of the sales pitch.


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